Pricing: Talent Platform

Here is what you get with all packages:

Valuable time savings – no noise

  • Receive relevant matches from our vetted ‘remote-ready’ talent pool of active candidates
  • Screen only skilled experts with at least 2 years of relevant work experience

Flexibility and Optimal Fit

  • Set custom screening questions
  • Decide to receive written or video answers
  • Select candidates based on skill and company fit

Remote-ready Talent Pool

  • Software Engineering: full stack, front-end, back-end, javascript, mobile (iOS & Android) app developers; QA engineers
  • Digital Marketing: performance, online, content and PPC marketers (B2B and B2C)
  • HR & Recruiting: HR business partners, people operations managers, talent acquisition specialists
  • Sales: business development managers (B2B, SaaS), sales & account specialists
  • Customer Success: customer relationship managers, customer service specialists
  • Product and Design: product managers/product owners; UX, UI, brand, and graphics designers

Talent Advisory

🦄 Specialist Positions
🐲 Senior Talent
🌐 Specific Country/Language Requirements

We recommend our talent advisory for

Specialist positions

  • Looking for an engineer with specific skills? A marketer who can code? A sales professional with a rolodex of contacts in a specific vertical? Even globally, your talent pool will be limited, we will find the best candidates within your specific remote requirements.

Senior level talent (10+ years of experience)

  • Hunting for a C-Level, VP or Senior Director? Some are members on the acework platform, but the most still sit at an office looking for more flexibility.

Country-specific OR language requirements

  • Remote OK, but with specific requirements? If you require a specific combination of languages, or limit applications to a country or region, we recommend talent advisory to reach exactly those candidates relevant to you.

Our talent advisory includes:

  • Discovery call with our experts
  • Job description optimisation to attract top quality candidates
  • Customised application with screening questions, with answers in written or video format
  • Talent pool analysis, based on your requirements
  • Targeted outreach by our talent scouts, based on your requirements
  • ‘Remote-ready’ vetting of all candidates before matching with you
  • Briefing of all candidates about your remote situation and requirements
  • GDPR compliant processing of candidates on our talent platform

Depending on the type of role and your requirements, we charge a success fee between 10 and 20% of the annual salary of your hire.

Remote Work Advisory

As experts in remote talent matching and remote work consulting, we support businesses in building a successful distributed workforce with tailored advisory programs.

Our Remote Work Advisory program includes:

Status quo analysis

  • Remote Readiness Check
  • Gap Analysis
  • Expectation and requirements alignment

Tailored, actionable recommendations and remote work strategy

  • Toolkit introduction for successful communication, collaboration and documentation
  • 1-on-1 sessions with leadership
  • Interactive workshop to develop remote work policies

Scheduled follow ups

  • Monitoring and feedback-based adjustments to strategy and course of action

½ day Introduction to Remote Work

→ best for ‘emergency remote’ teams introduction and smaller teams in SMEs

  • Status Quo Analysis 1h with the whole team (1h)
  • Leadership workshop: How to engage a distributed workforce (1h)
  • Intro to remote toolkit: collaboration, communication & documentation (2h)
  • Template to create your team-specific remote work policy

1999 €

2-day "Remote Ready" Sprint

→ best for small to medium sized companies with several teams needing support

  • ½ day analysis interviews at different levels of the organisation
  • 1 leadership workshop: “How to engage a distributed workforce”
  • 1 HR workshop: Building your company-wide remote work policy,
  • half day remote tool introduction and selection support
  • Workshop for individual remote work practices: Health, balance and organisation

5999 €

5-day Full ‘Remote-Ready’ Package

→ best for small to medium sized companies with the entire company needing support

all 2 day sprint content plus

  • 1 additional leadership workshop
  • 1 additional HR workshop: Recruiting, Onboarding, Offboarding & remote people operations
  • Interactive team workshops for communication and collaboration: Knowledge-transfer and practice
  • Five full days, can be done in 2, 4 or 5 weeks

11999 €

Distributed Enterprise

→ for large companies and corporates.

Please reach out for our enterprise advisory to

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