Top 6 Coworking spaces around the world

When thinking about coworking spaces today, one thing could come to mind: Is it safe to work from there? While many regular offices have implemented procedures to facilitate social distancing, coworking spaces face an additional challenges. For example, spaces that usually attract a constantly changing group of people, including travellers or digital nomads coming from abroad. Therefore, following Corona safety procedures is especially important for coworking spaces. One of our favourite ways to find those this is with the Upflex Safe Spaces program. Since international travel is still limited for most, we have collected six of our favourite coworking spaces around the world, count yourself lucky if you happen to be close to one of them – they are certainly worth a trip.

Why is coworking still important?

The necessity of maintaining social interaction in times of social-distancing has become clear for many already. There comes a point in quarantine when virtual interaction just simply isn’t enough. While some return to their offices and coworkers, another option is to join a coworking space. Not only is coworking great for networking, but the spaces can provide a motivating and professional working environment outside of your regular routine. Changing location can also help you battle work-from-home fatigue. Studies have shown that 82% of remote tech workers are affected by it. Rest assured, mandated work-from-home during Corona has caused this in many regular offices workers as well. So what better way to beat it than changing up your routine with a new, safe space to work from.

Oceania: WOTSO workspace space in Hobart

coworking spaces around the world - oceania
Photo © WOTSO Workspace

The side of the world where many of us wish we’d rather be (if you’re not already) has an amazing already social-distancing friendly workspace in Hobart. WOTSO has locations all over Australia; it’s most notable is the one in Hobart, Tasmania. With 24/7 access, mailing services, private phone booths and a friendly office dog – it’s easily a fan favourite for some work motivation. 

Africa: Nairobi Garage in Nairobi

coworking spaces around the world - africa
Photo © Nairobi Garage

Did you know Africa has some of the fastest internet speeds in the world? Kenya even surpasses the U.S for high-speed 4G connectivity so it’s not surprising that more and more remote start-ups are cropping up there. To learn more about what it’s like working remotely in Africa read what Kangai has to say here. Nairobi Garage adds a solution to the growth in business in Africa with four locations around Nairobi. Their aim is to inspire connections, growth and provide a functional workspace. With locations featuring balconies, 24/7 access and on-site cleaning staff, there’s no surprise to see it constantly rank in the world’s top coworking space lists.

Europe: Locus Workspace in Prague 

coworking space in prague
Photo © Locus Workspace

When many remote workers choose to move to a more affordable country, the Czech Republic is often overlooked. However, with small country charms come a familiar atmosphere that a lot of digital nomads favour. With high praise for its family atmosphere and friendly English-speaking staff and members, this coworking space is a common hit for any remote working professionals. Access is 24/7, there are plenty of events, a personal assistant and you can take a trial day to see if it’s a good match!

Asia: KoHub in Thailand 

coworking in thailand open air
Photo © KoHub

Thailand had one of the best responses to the Coronavirus outbreak. After 10 weeks with no cases in August, things are slowly returning to normalcy. Included are cafes and remote workspaces. Constantly ranked as one of the top 10 coworking spaces in the world, it’s no surprise that it’s also on our list. As they’ve reopened, new measures have been implemented including a minimum of one-metre distance between coworkers, as well as temperature checks amongst others. Staying safe, while also reaping the benefits is easy here. All rooms come with A/C and the beach is just metres away.

North America: Work Nicer in Calgary

coworking spaces around the world - north america
Photo © Work Nicer

Community is a huge part of the culture in Calgary so it’s no surprise that their coworking spaces are just as passionate about it. At Work Nicer they believe that no one succeeds alone. This means if you’re struggling with accounting as a graphic designer or vice-versa, for example, there is sure to be a member who loves what you hate and is happy to help out. The community-focused coworking space boasts daily cleaning, local beers on draft, a podcast studio and all-inclusive membership pricing with cheaper options for non-profits and added team members. 

South America: Los Patios Cowork in Medellin

los patios in south america
Photo © Los Patios

As one of the fastest-growing hubs for remote workers, there’s no surprise that we had to include a Colombian space in our list of coworking spaces around the world. You could say we saved the best til last with Los Patios. It isn’t just a hostel or coworking space as they have multi-floors of various amenities. You can start your day at the rooftop gym or pool, then spend the day working in the garden before ending the day at the 2 rooftop bars.

We hope you’ve discovered some new co-working spaces to add to your list. We encourage you to stay safe, work hard, and facilitate new connections. Read more about being a digital nomad during a pandemic here.

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