About acework

Acework is revolutionizing the way we work today. Our purpose is to rid the world of the concept that work has to happen within four walls we call an office. Instead it can and should happen anywhere people are stimulated to be productive: their home, a co-working space or a café.

A new generation of employees demand to have the possibility to work remotely, with a growing number actively searching for 100% remote full-time positions in various fields and industries.

Managing remote workers comes with challenges companies are often not prepared for, but have to face head on. Management skills, performance measures and communication structures are just a few of them.

We facilitate finding remote jobs for those that are actively searching for them, matching them with opportunities in our network. Meanwhile, we support companies during the transition to remote work via tailored consulting services. These include but are not limited to: onboarding, goal structuring, and communication setup.


Angelina Ebeling
Founder & CEO
Berlin, Germany

Angelina set up the first US office of a German tech startup, where she first realized the potential of working remotely. In addition to her extensive startup knowledge, she also worked in Recruiting and Marketing.


Fareen Shaikh
Director of Talent
Berlin, Germany

Fareen recently moved from India to Berlin, where she caught the remote working bug. She brings more than a decade of HR, recruiting, and skills testing experience to the acework team!

Renée Johnson

Renée Johnson
Director of Candidate Experience
Maine USA

Renée has been a passionate remote-work advocate for years, having transitioned an international nonprofit to a fully distributed team and now contracting from her home office with clients across the globe.