Remote work isn’t the future. It’s the present.

We are a team of experts in remote working, recruiting, leadership and communication in distributed teams. In 2018, we founded acework to connect remote-ready candidates with vetted remote career opportunities.

To make finding each other fast and efficient, we developed our unique matching algorithm and perform personal vetting calls for both candidates and companies. This ensures both are ready to succeed in a remote work environment.

Why is remote readiness important? To succeed in a remote working environment, individuals must possess specific soft skills.

Many companies allow flexible working, work from home or remote work already. However, to unlock their team’s productivity and resilience, they must adopt a remote-first mindset.

Our goal is to grow the number of remote career opportunities globally.

Open positions are usually full-time or part-time opportunities, only a few are long-term projects.

For our talent services we ensure both sides have understood how remote work can benefit them as individuals or organisations – to increase productivity and improve work-life integration.

For those that need support to become remote ready, we offer coaching for candidates and advisory for companies.

Our Vision

We aim to be the trusted catalyst for distributed companies to grow their teams.

Our Mission

To enable companies to build successful distributed teams. We support talent and their remote careers by matching them with great remote roles.

Wondering if you are a remote-ready candidate?

We developed a unique soft skills assessment to vet for remote readiness.

Our personal interviews with each candidates screen for intrinsic motivation, organisational skills and independence, among others.

In addition, we confirm a stable internet connection, understanding of technology and tools, and English language fluency.

✔️ 1. Reliable, high-speed internet connectivity
✔️ 2. Video conferencing hardware
✔️ 3. Experience with current productivity tools
✔️ 4. Legal work authorisation or contractor-readiness

… and 12 more expert tips to help you assess your remote-readiness.

Download our free remote-ready essentials checklist for tips on how to show employers you’ve got what it takes to work remotely.

Say hello to the acework team.

Angelina Ebeling

Founder & CEO
Berlin, Germany

Angelina has expertise in transitioning companies to flexible working, and regularly consults teams on effectively hiring remote talent. Prior to founding acework, she led the US expansion of a German tech startup in New York City, where she realised the potential of remote work.

Fareen Shaikh

Director of Talent
Berlin, Germany

Fareen recently moved from India to Berlin, where she caught the remote working bug. She brings more than a decade of HR, recruiting, and skills testing experience to the acework team! Fareen is also our resident career coach.

Sascha Brossmann

Product Lead
Berlin, Germany

Sascha is a purpose- and value-driven versatilist with a passion for connecting the dots, building resilient organisations, and growing people. He organises the Product & Design Leadership Community in Berlin and mentors young professionals.

First time remote: 1998-2005 building a fully distributed media company that pioneered social web principles in DE and is still alive today.

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