We are fierce advocates for remote work.


Our online platform is built exclusively for matching remote-ready candidates with vetted remote career opportunities.

We perform personal vetting calls for both candidates and companies to ensure both are ready to succeed in a remote work environment.

For candidates, we screen for specific soft skills, relevant work experience, and professional remote work setup.

Our company vetting ensures that they fully include remote workers in their teams and have a ‘remote-first’ culture. Open positions are usually full-time or part-time opportunities, only a few are long-term projects.

We ensure both sides have understood how remote work can benefit them as individuals or organisations – to increase productivity and improve work-life integration.

For those that need support to become remote ready, we offer coaching for candidates and consulting for our company clients.



Candidates pay a one-time application fee of $49 for gain unlimited access to our platform and remote community, as well as valuable partner perks.


No more cover letters.
Our signature matching algorithm makes it easy to find your perfect remote job.



Wondering if you are remote-ready?


We developed a unique soft skills assessment to vet for remote readiness.

Our personal interviews with each candidates screen for intrinsic motivation, organizational skills and independence, among others.

In addition, we confirm basic requirements such as stable internet connection, understanding of technology and tools, and English language fluency.

✔️ 1. Reliable, high-speed internet connectivity
✔️  2. Video conferencing hardware
✔️  3. Experience with current productivity tools
✔️ 4. Legal work authorization or contractor-readiness

… and 12 more expert tips to help you assess your remote-readiness.


Download our free remote-ready essentials checklist for tips on how to show employers you’ve got what it takes to work remotely.

Say hello to the acework team.

Angelina Ebeling

Founder & CEO
Berlin, Germany

Angelina set up the first US office of a German tech startup, where she first realized the potential of working remotely. In addition to her extensive startup knowledge, she also worked in Recruiting and Marketing.

Fareen Shaikh

Director of Talent
Berlin, Germany

Fareen recently moved from India to Berlin, where she caught the remote working bug. She brings more than a decade of HR, recruiting, and skills testing experience to the acework team! Fareen is also our resident career coach.

Renée Johnson

Director of Candidate Experience
Maine, USA

Renée has worked remotely for years, having transitioned an international nonprofit to a fully distributed team and now contracts from her home office with start-ups and nonprofits across the globe doing design, content writing, and consulting.


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