Salaries for Web 3.0 developers – How much do they earn?

Web 3.0 represents the next phase of the internet evolution. It’s an incredibly lucrative market, and demand for Web 3.0 developers is continuously growing, despite several ‘crypto winters‘ or overall economic downturns. With Web 3.0 principles relying on decentralization, it is no surprise that most companies in this space are fully remote and work with distributed teams. In such a dynamic market, many raise the question: What are competitive Web 3.0 developer salaries?

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To answer simply: The average Web 3.0 developer salary is $100k – $140k per year (in 2022).

As in web 2.0, the compensation depends on the technology, programming language, and years of experience. For example, a US-based developer with a solid NFT/blockchain or crypto project portfolio can earn well over $500k per year. In the meantime, the average salary for junior+ (up to 3 years of experience) Smart Contract Developer will be $120k.

We explore the exciting world of Web3 from a recruiter’s perspective and share results of our salary benchmarking in our newly published research paper: A simple Web 3.0 Guide for recruiters.

Web3 Developers Salaries in q3 2022

It also includes decrypted (no pun intended) tech terminology, the most prominent web3 tech stacks, and more detailed web 3.0 developer salaries. We also interviewed several Web 3.0 experts, founders, and community members to synthesize the best practices and get some internal insights on the specifics of recruiting in this, well, still a new and rapidly growing market.

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