Salary for Engineering Managers in 2023

The demand for Engineering Managers has increased recently, and the salary levels have drastically changed. With the growing importance of technology in business operations, companies are looking for individuals who can bring a combination of technical proficiency and business and leadership skills to lead teams. 

As mentioned by Hasitha Liyanage, Vice President of Engineering at :Different,

The Engineering Manager is often a former engineer themselves, but with people management and delivery management skills developed through many years of experience

Engineering Managers have broad responsibilities

The success of an Engineering Manager depends heavily on their alignment with the company’s strategy and top management values. They must have strong technical AND management skills, as they will lead the team daily.  

Here’s an overview of the most common responsibilities associated with the Engineering Manager role:

  • Manage, support, and evaluate the performance of engineers. Career planning, promotions, and coaching
  • Work together with the Talent Acquisition team on talent mapping, headcount planning and hiring strategies
  • Contribute to strategic technical decisions and solutions 
  • Manage budgets and technical resources 
  • Communicate and collaborate with other managers, stakeholders and contractors
  • Prioritize, delegate, and monitor all engineering activities and deliverables

Salary Benchmarking for Engineering Managers for 2023 

So… What is the salary for an Engineer Manager? We explore the world of Engineering Management and share the results of our salary benchmarking in our 2023 research paper: Salary Benchmarks for Engineering Managers 2023.

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Are you remote ready?

We developed a unique soft skills assessment to vet for remote readiness, and have screened hundreds of candidates based on it. We screen for intrinsic motivation, organisational skills and independence, among others.

Assess your remote readiness with this free, remote-ready checklist, that we created for individuals working or looking to work remotely. The checklist includes essentials such as:

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