Jump-start your remote future with expert career coaching

We understand how overwhelming it is to look for opportunities in a competitive market.

You may be an aspiring remote worker or a seasoned one already. Either way, sometimes a pair of professional eyes guiding you during your job search is what you need land the perfect job.

We tap into years of recruitment experience to uncover your strengths. Then we work together on clearly communicating your impact and value.

What we can help you with

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How it works

These are the steps to your successful remote career

1. Book a call with our expert career coach

By understanding your job search challenges, this free call will provide you better clarity and pave the way forward.

2. Choose the options that suit you best

Our range of tailored coaching services is designed to land you your next remote dream job. You can book individual services, bundles or the whole program. 

3. Decide on a time for the coaching session

After you select your options and pay, you can directly secure a time slot for your first session. 

4. Get started

You’re all set! Come prepared, with an open mind, and trust the process to experience success.

What is a discovery call? Which service/ coaching do I need?

This depends on your needs. We get that your situation is unique, and it can be confusing trying to figure out what’s going to help you the most. A discovery call with the coach will help bring clarity as you discuss your current challenges and decide on an offering. It’s advisable to book a discovery call before a coaching service.

How do I book a session?

  1. Choose a service you are interested to book,
  2. Select a time that works for you,
  3. Confirm your personal and payment information to complete the booking
  4. Immediately after booking, you will receive a confirmation email
  5. On the day of the session, click the link in your calendar invite to join your virtual session at the agreed-upon time! Be sure to download in advance.

The time selected no longer works for me. How can I reschedule a session?

You can reschedule up to 48 hours before your session. To reschedule, open your calendar invite email and click the “reschedule” link – you will then be able to select a new time slot.

How long does it take to complete the coaching process?

The coaching session depends on the offering you choose. The 1-on-1 video call sessions range from 30-60 mins. In addition, for the resume and LinkedIn profile reviews, it typically takes 1-2 weeks to complete offline edits depending on your schedule and the coach’s schedule.

I changed my mind. How can I cancel my session?

You can cancel up to 48 hours before your session and receive a full refund. To do so, simply cancel the event in your calendar and email your Coach saying you can no longer attend. Once your Coach confirms they have seen your cancellation, we will begin processing your refund.

Unfortunately, if you cancel less than 48 hours in advance, we will not be able to offer you a refund. Our Coach begins tailored session prep work 48 hours in advance of each session, including gathering tools and resources tailored to the client’s field and circumstances.

What if I’m not satisfied with my coaching session?

Once a session is completed, we do not issue refunds. We strongly recommend you express any questions, concerns or comments to your coach during or after the session. Your coach will address those with you to improve your experience and ensure you receive value from your coaching. We are always open to feedback and suggestions, at any point.

How can I get a refund?

Only if a cancellation request is received at least 48 hours before the call, you will be issued a full refund.

Interview Coaching

€ 159
What you receive
What we need from you before your session

Resume/CV Review

€ 109
What you receive
What we need from you before your session

LinkedIn Profile Review

€ 109
What you receive
What we need from you before your session

Resume & LinkedIn review

€ 159
What you receive
What we need from you before your session

Meet Fareen, Director of Talent and Career Coach

For the last decade, Fareen has pursued her passion for people as an HR consultant, talent hunter, and career advisor. She is driven by her desire to help others discover, and ultimately do what they love.

As the Director of Talent at acework, Fareen coaches professionals from varied backgrounds to gain a competitive edge as they apply for remote opportunities. Committed to accelerating the rise of remote work, Fareen tirelessly sources the global talent whom she believes will positively shape remote employment culture and standards. With deep experience in skills testing and culture/values screening, Fareen onboards the top candidates and matches them with opportunities within acework’s network of vetted companies.

When Fareen is not wearing her recruitment ninja uniform, you’ll find her coaching local job seekers for a Berlin-based NGO.

Live LinkedIn Profile Review


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Join our live & free resume review session with our resident career coach, Fareen Shaikh.
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Join our live & free profile review session with our resident career coach, Fareen Shaikh.

Did you know that 97% of recruiters use LinkedIn to screen and vet candidates?

We know what it takes to have a standout LinkedIn profile.

Join our live & free Linkedin profile review session with our Director of Talent and career coach, Fareen Shaikh.

This is your chance to get expert advice on your own profile, or just listen and learn from other people's profile.

How do I get chosen for review?
  • Register for the session
  • Share your Linkedin profile with us!
  • Join the call! Only those who are attending the session are eligible for a review
We'll see you there!

Remote Readiness helps all teams work better

Are you remote ready?

We developed a unique soft skills assessment to vet for remote readiness, and have screened hundreds of candidates based on it. We screen for intrinsic motivation, organisational skills and independence, among others.

Assess your remote readiness with this free, remote-ready checklist, that we created for individuals working or looking to work remotely. The checklist includes essentials such as:

  1. Reliable, high-speed internet connectivity
  2. Appropriate video conferencing hardware
  3. Experience with current productivity tools… and 13 other expert tips to help you assess your remote readiness.