Overcoming the Talent Shortage in Germany

Known for its economic strength and innovation, Germany faces a severe talent shortage of highly skilled professionals. Many companies are turning to international recruitment and relocation as a viable solution to remain competitive in this challenging landscape.

Today we explore why this strategy effectively addresses the talent shortage, fills vacancies, and unlocks numerous benefits for companies in Germany.

The scale of the talent shortage in Germany

Germany’s thriving economy and robust industries have created an escalating demand for highly skilled professionals. Unfortunately, the local talent supply cannot meet this demand, leading to significant shortages in various sectors. According to a recent labor market report by the Federal Ministry of Economics, Germany’s talent shortage significantly impacts many companies’ growth potential. The report highlights that over 50% of companies see this shortage as the biggest threat to their development. It also predicts that the situation will worsen as the baby-boom generation reaches retirement age in the coming years, leading to shortages in several sectors. Germany could face a shortfall of around 7 million skilled workers by 2035. This lack of specialized expertise is hampering growth and innovation, making it essential to explore alternative ways of attracting talent.

Fill vacancies faster

By actively seeking candidates from international talent pools, German companies can speed up the process of filling vacancies. By expanding talent search beyond national borders, companies can tap into a diverse pool of highly skilled professionals faster.

Gain a competitive edge through diversity

Attracting candidates from abroad can significantly improve a company’s competitive edge. A diverse workforce brings a variety of perspectives, experiences, and skills to the table, fostering innovation, creativity, and problem-solving skills within the organization. This can lead to more inclusive decision-making, a better understanding of customers, and increased adaptability to global markets.

Favorable immigration laws in Germany

Germany recognizes the importance of attracting international talent and has implemented favorable immigration laws to facilitate the process. The German government has introduced various visa programs, such as the EU Blue Card and the Skilled Immigration Act, which provide streamlined pathways for highly skilled professionals to relocate and work there. These immigration policies simplify bureaucratic procedures and reduce barriers for foreign talent seeking employment opportunities in Germany.

Cost and time savings

Engaging in international recruitment and relocation can result in significant cost and time savings for companies. Rather than investing significant resources in lengthy recruitment processes and training new employees from scratch, relocating ready-to-work candidates allows companies to move faster. This can result in cost savings compared to hiring locally, as salary expectations and cost of living can vary between countries.

acework can help you find the right talent abroad
Tackling the talent shortage in Germany requires out-of-the-box approaches. As Germany faces an acute talent shortage, companies must explore innovative approaches to secure the necessary expertise and skills to succeed in the competitive global talent market.

At acework, we specialize in simplifying global recruitment for businesses. Our extensive candidate pool, proven hiring playbook, and experienced team of senior talent partners all over the world allow organizations to expand their talent pools and tap into a diverse and global workforce faster.

Our strategic advisory services enable organizations to gain deep insight into the talent landscape and develop sustainable recruitment plans that drive action. We manage the entire sourcing and outreach process, providing invaluable feedback, market insights, and a compelling employer value proposition to attract top talent.

Whether you’re building a remote-first or hybrid team or seeking talent for your local hub, acework is your trusted recruitment and talent acquisition partner.

But don’t take it from us! Check these two case studies below:

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Case Study: acework x Kinsta. What it takes to build a strong candidate pipeline of global talent?

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