Build a successful distributed workforce. Unlock your team’s productivity and resilience.

We are a team of experts in remote working, as well as leadership of and communication in distributed teams.

It is our goal to ensure the continued engagement and resilience of your distributed team members. To do this, we focus on actionable advice for efficient communication, collaboration and documentation.

Our Remote Work Programs establish a sustainable remote working environment for your employees. We uncover your optimisation potential and provide the tools you need to unlock your team’s productivity

We enable teams by providing tailored recommendations, and building a custom remote work strategy for your team culture, processes and business needs.

Successful remote teams are proven to be more engaged, resilient and loyal.

For teams who suddenly have to work remotely, we deliver actionable advice to continue business operations and manage challenging situations in a physically distributed team.

How do we support?

As multi-disciplinary experts in management, HR, business development and design, we are more than side-line consultants.

We have built fully distributed teams, and transitioned existing businesses from office to remote.

Our Productivity Packages for Remote Work

All of your Remote Work Programs include:

1. A Status quo analysis

  • Remote Readiness Check
  • Gap Analysis
  • Expectation and requirements alignment

2. Your tailored & actionable remote work strategy

  • Toolkit introduction for successful communication, collaboration and documentation
  • 1-on-1 sessions with leaders and team managers
  • Interactive workshops to develop remote work capabilities, teach best practices and draft your tailored remote work policies

3. Scheduled follow ups

  • Monitoring and feedback-based adjustments to strategy and course of action


4hr Introduction to Remote Work

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€2.000 excl. VAT

  • 1 h with the whole team: Status quo analysis
  • 1 h leadership workshop: How to engage a distributed workforce
  • 2 h intro to remote toolkit: collaboration, communication & documentation
  • Plus: template to create your team-specific remote work policy

➡️ Best for small, suddenly remote teams as “Emergency Introduction”

2-day "Remote-Ready" Sprint

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€6.000 excl. VAT

  • Half day analysis interviews at different levels of the organisation
  • 1 leadership workshop: “How to engage a distributed workforce”
  • Workshop with HR: Building your company-wide remote work policy,
  • Half day remote tool introduction and selection support
  • Workshop for individual remote work practices: Health, balance and organisation

➡️ Best for small to medium sized companies with several teams needing support

5-day "Remote-Ready" Package

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€12.000 excl. VAT

Additional elements to the 2-day sprint

  • 1 additional leadership workshop
  • 1 additional HR workshop: Recruiting, Onboarding, Offboarding & remote people operations
  • Interactive team workshops for communication and collaboration: Knowledge-transfer and practice
  • Five full days, can be done in 2, 4 or 5 weeks

➡️ Best for small to medium sized companies with the entire company needing support

Enterprise Solution

➡️ We offer tailored advisory packages for large companies and corporates. Please contact us directly to inquire.

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We are multi-disciplinary experts in management, HR, business development and design. Our mission is to enable companies to build successful distributed teams. We support talent and their remote careers by matching them with great remote roles.

In 2018, our founder Angelina launched acework without an office. Today, our team works fully distributed, across multiple timezones and countries.

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