Develop your flexible workforce playbook

Did you know?

Increased Productivity

Enabled hybrid workers are 35-40% more productive than in-office employees. Flexibility and the right processes enable them to perform at their best.

Higher Retention & Engagement

54% of employees would change their job for more flexibility. Keep your top employees by letting them work remotely. Attract those seeking more flexibility.


Improved Profitability

Real estate, relocation, fewer sick days. On average, companies save $11,000 per part-time telecommuter.

Successful companies build their distributed teams with us:

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Lead your workforce transformation with our proven lean approach

1. Distributed work & leadership audit

  • Remote/hybrid team audit
  • HR policy review
  • Culture and ways of working
  • Compensation and benefits review

2. Purpose to practice

  • Improve and streamline offering for hybrid and remote employees and candidates
  • Draft your tailored remote work policies and team agreements
  • Toolkit introduction for great communication, collaboration, and documentation

3. Ongoing support 

  • Keep your course with confidence: We help you inspect and adapt in regular intervals. Lean and swift.

Don't take it from us.
Here is what our clients say

Which program is right for you? Let's talk.

Our remote work programs are adaptable to different company sizes – we’ve worked with SMEs as well as corporates on their remote work challenges.

You can either choose a complete package or reach out to us for a custom project.


Remote Work

Best for small, suddenly remote teams as ‚Äúemergency introduction‚ÄĚ

2 d

‚ÄúRemote Ready‚ÄĚ

Best for small to medium sized companies with several teams needing support

5 d

“Remote Ready“

Best for small to medium sized companies with the entire company needing support

Need customised program?

More than side-line consultants

acework team

Serial team builders with 10+ years experience in building and leading distributed teams. As experts in distributed management and recruiting we help you

  • uncover challenges and roadblocks of your hybrid or remote organisation;
  • create actionable strategies to implement distributed working
  • identify the tools best suited for your distributed team setu

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Remote Readiness helps all teams work better

Are you remote ready?

We developed a unique soft skills assessment to vet for remote readiness, and have screened hundreds of candidates based on it. We screen for intrinsic motivation, organisational skills and independence, among others.

Assess your remote readiness with this free, remote-ready checklist, that we created for individuals working or looking to work remotely. The checklist includes essentials such as:

  1. Reliable, high-speed internet connectivity
  2. Appropriate video conferencing hardware
  3. Experience with current productivity tools… and 13 other expert tips to help you assess your remote readiness.